Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to set Full Pixel on a Sony KDL-55EX720

I recently got a Monoprice mini DisplayPort to HMDI w/Audio adapter for my Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal.  I am happy to report that audio over HDMI works just fine out of the box with no software to install as long as the device receiving the signal supports audio over HDMI such as my Sony KDL-55EX720. Unfortunately, the picture was overscanned (cut off on the edges).

In order to fix this, you have to set your Display Area to full pixel.  Unfortunately I could not find out for the life of me how to get to this option on my TV.  Fortunately, I ended up stumbling onto it.

  1. Hit the HOME button on your Sony remote.
  2. Scroll to the input connection that your computer or other overscanned device is on (mine is HDMI 3).
  3. Hit the RIGHT arrow on the circle pad until you get to the options menu (i-Manual, Preferences, Sound, Picture and Display, etc)
  4. Select Picture & Display by hitting the Select button (center of circle pad)
  5. Scroll down to Screen and hit Select
  6. Scroll down to Auto Display Area and hit Select and turn that option Off.
  7. Scroll down to Display Area and set this to Full Pixel
  8. Hit RETURN until you exit the menu.  Your display should now full fill the screen.
If you have issues with getting the picture to show up at all, then open you Display control panel and click Detect Displays.