Saturday, December 22, 2012

Challenges when configuring i1 Profiler Display Pro

Recently I was requested to assist with developing a color correction profile for photo editing workstation.  I used a XRite i1 Display Pro to develop the profile against a Dell U2410 and a Dell 1907FP dual monitor setup.  I thought this would be an easy 5 minute process.  I was wrong.

Couple of things you need to remember:

  1. Turn UAC off.  Seems that i1Profiler needs to read in LUT values and write new system ICC profiles.  UAC sometimes interferes with that.  You can turn it back on when you have finished with the calibration process.
  2. Make sure that "Use Windows display calibration is set" otherwise you might get the dreaded "Failed to apply video LUTS" error message after the calibration sequence finishes.  Follow the instructions from XRite on how to correct this. 
  1. Open Control Panel and then"‘Color Management", a Color Management setup window for the User Level appears. In the "Devices" tab, add a check to "Use My Settings for this Device". Make sure that the X-Rite created monitor profile is selected as the default. Click on the "Advanced" tab and check the box to "Use Windows Display Calibration" to control loading the video LUTs. Note: if the option "Use Windows Display Calibration" is grayed out, click on "Change System Defaults" bottom left in the window. A Color Management setup window for the System Level appears. Do not apply any changes for assigned profiles here. Click on "Advanced" tab and select the option to "Use Windows Display Calibration". Select "Close" and the exit "Color Management".

After you get everything calibrated, you still might run into issues such as Windows Photo Viewer showing your images a lot darker than you would expect.  Photoshop and Lightroom will show the proper color, luminance and saturation but Windows Photo Viewer will show images that are dark unless you "play" then in Slideshow mode.  If so, the reason is you need to tell i1 Profiler to save the ICC profile in version 2 format.  The instructions here are a little dated but will get you down the right path.

Once you create the ICC profile, verify the profile by opening up the Color Management control page, clicking All Profiles, then selecting your custom profile under ICC Profiles and verifying the version.

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